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All Bout MUSIC (Germany)
Provide musical entertainment for organizational events, private parties, special events, or whatever’s desired. We perform a variety of music styles including Jazz, Soul (new & old), blues, rock, pop, country, and R & B.

123 Greeting Cards (Free Greeting Cards)

Bluemountain Electronic Greeting Cards
Blackdog Electronic Postcards
Dashing Dackels Kennels Germany (Miniature Dachshunds)
  FTD (The Official Florists' Transworld Delivery)
  Oh-my-goodness (Funny Cards)
Africans in America (PBS)  
Black America Web.com Black Voices Home Page
  Henrietta Marie ("A Slave Ship Speaks")

Tom Joyner   Morning Show Home Page 

The University of Oklahoma (My Graduate Studies)
Troy State University System (My Undergraduate Studies)
Vero Beach, Florida (My Hometown)
Broadcast Homepage Broadcast Radio News
Broadcast Radio News WGST (Atlanta) Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Education (K - 12)

Intellicast Orlando, Florida Weather Radarloop Intellicast USA Updated Weather
McDonalds (Foundation/Scholarships)
Travelocity (Book Flights; Rent A Car; Hotel and Cruises) Travelocity (Currency Converter)
  Social Security Administration
CNN - USA news Download (Do You Need drivers for your computer hardware/software)
First Auction Internet Shopping Network Public Broadcast (PBS) Online

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